Putting It Into a Different Perspective

We had the opportunity to attend the Georgetown Hospital Pediatrics Gala on April 18th, 2015, and wanted to briefly share about the experience from an incredible event that supports one of our regular charitable contributions. AdvisorShares is a sponsor of JUST TRYAN IT, a children’s triathlon where the kids who participate in the race raise money for kids in need that are being treated by the pediatrics oncology center at Georgetown Hospital.

The event was one of those fun, heartwarming and yet heartbreaking evenings. It was great to learn about so many other foundations and programs that help support the pediatrics oncology center at Georgetown Hospital. Many of these charities are driven by parents’ experiences and tragically in most cases, but not all, the parents’ loss of a child.

I hope they raised a lot of money for such a meaningful cause. AdvisorShares contributed to a scholarship that will send kids receiving treatment at Georgetown to an annual camp. We appreciate everyone who has invested in the AdvisorShares GlobalECHO ETF (GIVE). As you may know, 40 basis points of GIVE’s assets under management are regularly contributed to the GlobalECHO Foundation. And in turn, AdvisorShares regularly contributes an additional 25 basis points to make a positive impact in our community to charities such as JUST TRYAN IT. Although the GIVE ETF is still very small, over time the fund will grow and we will—with your help— continue to make a much bigger impact in our communities. In our opinion, it represents a great way for investors to “do well by doing good.”

Thanks for your support.

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