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How DWSH Works

The AdvisorShares Dorsey Wright Short ETF seeks capital appreciation through short selling securities. Dorsey, Wright & Associates, LLC, the portfolio manager of the ETF, seeks to achieve the fund’s investment objective by short selling a portfolio of large-cap U.S. exchange traded equity securities, exchange-traded funds, and large-cap equity derivatives.

The ETF’s investment focus follows Dorsey Wright’s core philosophy of relative strength. Relative strength investing involves buying securities that have appreciated in price more than the other securities in the investment universe and holding those securities until they underperform. However, with the ETF’s investment strategy, the portfolio manager will take the lowest ranked securities based on the relative strength, ranking, and short those securities, with the highest relative weakness within the universe of investable securities. The strategy is entirely based on market movement of the securities and there is no company fundamental data involved in the analysis.

The portfolio manager’s investment process has historically identified market periods, typically after severe market corrections where the stocks with the most relative weakness may subsequently outperform the broader market. The portfolio manager will utilize a quantitative investment process to seek to identify these periods, and will adjust the portfolio to utilize equity derivatives, or exchange-traded funds to short the broader equity market. Dorsey Wright’s process is systematic and removes emotion from the day-to-day decision making. In implementing the strategy, there is no consideration given to the allocation across sectors or industries. Stock selection is strictly based on lowest ranked securities as measured by the relative strength investment process.

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